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Instant Estimate!

SnapPicFix showed me a repair estimate instantly without having to call and wait for someone to come over and write up their free estimate.

Wilmington, NC
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Happy Wife

I just snapped a picture of the faucet and got DIY and Pro pricing. I knew exactly what to add to my husband's honey do list.

Cary, NC
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Quick and Easy!

It's like image search and angie's list had a baby! It was so easy to setup an appointment and get my sink fixed.

Apex, NC


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  • Unlimited projects
  • Access to Plumbers, Electricians, Heating/Cooling and Handymen
  • Access to local service providers
  • Email support
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  • Unlimited projects
  • Custom services and service pros
  • Personalized submission portal
  • Developer API access
  • Phone and email support


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Privacy and security are important to us! Your images and information are secure with us. We will never share or sell your information without your permission. Project details and locations are only used to find your best possible match, the most accurate pricing and continuously improve our service.

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About Us

SnapPicFix believes that everyone should have access to an accurate and reliable estimate instantly for any project in your home.

Our technology is best in class:

Our proprietary project classificiation system is the most accurate and scalable solution available.
We guarantee our price estimates to be within 3% of estimates from HomeAdvisor(TM), Thumbtack(TM) and Angie's List(TM).

If our results and estimates don't seem right, tell us about it - here - and we'll issue you a credit on your next project.

A team like none other:

Headquartered in Durham, NC, the SnapPicFix team is a diverse team of business professionals, data scientists, tech enthusiasts, real-estate agents, rehabbers, flippers and DIYers.

If you have any questions or just to say Hi, get in touch with our team: